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Client Portal

and the advantages of technology

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Security of Your Personal Information

Our pet-sitting software (Precise Petcare) is an online portal that stores all of your sensitive information. This site is safe and secure and is only accessible by you, your sitter, and Tender Touch Pet Servies managers.

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Providing Pet Care Details

The information ranges from your name and contact information to the veterinary information, schedules of your trips, and your pet's food and medication data.

If you are trusting your neighbor, family member, or even another pet sitter who does not utilize technology, the security of your home and pet(s) could be significantly compromised if the information needed to provide service for your pet(s) and home is not gathered and stored securely.


Tracking Duration of Visits

At your door, your sitter checks in through their secure app, and checks out when the visit is over. This process documents the duration of time and even goes a step further. A GPS pin is dropped when your sitter checks in and out, so their location is verified. You will never have to worry if your sitter misses a visit or is a late arrival


Ease of Scheduling

All scheduling requests go directly into the pet-sitting software (Precise Petcare) for us to approve and confirm. If you want to set up a visit, but it is too late to call or text, no problem! Getting your visit scheduled is as easy as logging into your "Client Portal" and making your request.  The next day, you will receive an email confirmation that your visit is set.

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Special Instructions

Maybe there is a special visit when you want us to do something out of the ordinary? Not a problem, log into your "Client Portal" and send us a message. Or when you schedule your visit, put those special instructions into the request. Need to pay an invoice? No need to search through your emails, You can access all pet care invoices at any time in your "Client Portal" account and pay them at your convenience. One less task for your to-do list.


Technology makes working with Tender Touch Pet Services so easy.
There is so little for you to do and so little for you to worry about.
We have you covered!

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