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My name is Terra Nova, and I am the owner and primary pet sitter at Tender Touch Pet Services. My life has always been surrounded by animals as far back as I can remember, including lizards, guinea pigs, fish, birds, and many dogs and a few cats. I have worked for over 20 years in various pet-related jobs, first as a breeder, then as a handler, then a veterinary technician, a groomer, and now as a pet sitter.

My desire to become a pet sitter began with a traumatic experience involving my beloved fur baby "Jakee Chin" and a kennel stay. I needed to leave town for an overnight interview in New Hampshire and could not find anyone to care for Jakee while I was away. I decided to kennel him with his veterinarian knowing that was my best and only option. Unfortunately, when I returned, I found a traumatized, sedated Jakee with bloody bandaged paws. He had spent 36 hours trying to dig out of his concrete cage and did not have a single nail left on either of his front paws. I vowed then and there that he would never be left anywhere but in his own home's safe and familiar surroundings.

Knowing I was not the only pet parent facing this kind of distressing situation, I decided to launch Tender Touch Pet Services to give other pet parents a safe, reliable, and loving pet care alternative. The rest, as they say, is history!

The team:Terra, Harley, & Kensie
When you can't take them with you, Tender Touch Pet Services will be a responsible, loving, and caring guardian of your pet(s)
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Our Service Pledge

We believe that everyone should share their life with a pet. Because you are trusting us to care for a beloved member of your family, we take pride in providing your pet(s) with a safe, secure, and familiar environment when in our care.

Your "fur baby" will be in the hands of highly trained professionals who have a passion for providing our clients, both two-legged and four-legged, with the best possible customer service and 100% transparency. We pledge to be honest, take the time to learn about each pet, and work alongside you to ensure our visits are structured to include familiar routines.

You are leaving someone who is a part of your family with us and we will treat your pet(s) with the same love and attention they get from you!

Why Choose Us?

  • Over two decades of working with animals.
  • Certified Pet Expert.
  • Member of Pet Sitters International.
  • Pet Pro Hero Certified in CPR and Pet First Aid.
  • Licensed and Insured with Pet Care Insurance.
  • 3rd Degree Animal Reiki Master and Certified Animal Communicator.
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